Overhead Line

(1) all aluminum conductor (AAC)
(2) all aluminum alloy conductor(AAAC)
(3) aluminum conductor steel reinforced (ACSR)
(4) anti-corrosion type (ACSR)
(5) aluminum conductor aluminum clad steel reinforced(ACSR/AW)
(6) rear earth aluminum conductor steel reinforced(ACSR/RE)
(7) aluminum conductor aluminum alloy reinforced(ACAR)
(8)aluminium Conductor Steel Supported (ACSS)
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Product Details

1. Category 

(1) All aluminum conductor (AAC)

(2) Aerial Bundled Cables (ABC)

(3) All aluminum alloy conductor(AAAC)

(4) Aluminum conductor steel reinforced (ACSR)



            All aluminum conductor



                 All aluminum alloy conductor

photobank (3)

             Aerial Bundled Cables


            Aluminum conductor steel reinforced 

2. Applications 

The overhead line is designed for fixed installation as overhead power line up to 1000V incl.

3. Standards 

GB/T12527,1179 ,IEC60502 ,NFC 33-209 ,BS 7870 ,ANSI/ICEA S-76-474  AS/NZS 3560.1 etc.
* Luxing CABLE can also design and produce for special application requirement.

4. Products Type

Chinese Type       

Short time



Copper conductor

Aluminum conductor



Covered line wire        Service drop cable
Secondary UD cable

PVC insulated aerial cables       

For aerial power transmission application  



PE insulated aerial cables     



XLPE insulated aerial cables     


Steel reinforced aluminium wire with XLPE insulated aerial cable

For aerial power transmission application       

For aerial power transmission application,able to bear moderate pulling force.


Electric cable (30)Electric cable (27)
Electric cable (39)Electric cable (31)


5. Construction

Phase conductors :Round standed or compacted 1350-H19 aluminium or Copper conductor ,AAAC,ACSR
Neutral or messenger conductor :Round standed or compacted 6201 aluminium alloy or AAC ,,ACSR
Street lighting conductor: Round standed or compacted Aluminium conductor
Insulation : LDPE ,HDPE,XLPE ,PVC ( UV-resistant)
Note: The above provisions can be changed as order

6. Packaging & Shipping

We also provide you with the best product packaging design services,
Packing:  Wooden Drum or ask your request.
Shipping:   Within 7 days after payment.


7. Our Services

(1) You can get best service .

(2)You can get prompt offer according your inquiry.

(3)You can get professinal technical guide .

(4).You can visite our factory anytime.



8. Company Information

Shandong New Luxing Cable Co.,Ltd is a twenty years factory. It is professional high/low voltage overhead cable manufacture. Also provide ACSR exporter China and cheap OPGW/ADSS cable.


9. Our Advantages

(1) Quality And Safety

· New Luxing Cable was founded in 1999 with almost 20 years of experience in the cable industry.

· Our manufacturing facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, so we are able to meet our customers' needs for a wide range of industrial cables.

· With knowledgable engineers, rigorous quality standards and customer-centered core values, we are always ready to provide the best available products and services.

· For customers inquiring about our services, we offer product testing and sample analysis against international standards--free of charge.

(2) Complete Inventory And Fast Delivery

· Our integrated manufacturing and storage facilities enable us to offer flexibility in specifications and fast turnaround time.

· Providing outstanding service level, New Luxing Cable will meet your requirements for both standard products from our catalog and custom solutions.

(3) Customized Solutions And Tailored Services

· With 20 years of experience, we are proud of our industry-leading R&D center and able to meet our customers' needs.

· New Luxing Cable specializes in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of special industrial cable products. We welcome any ODM inquiries.


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