Overhead Transmission Used XLPE Twisted Aluminum ABC Cable

1.Aluminum Cable
2.ABC Cable (Aerial Bundled Cable)
3.compressed 1350-H19 aluminum cable
4.NFC-33029 cable
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Product Details

Basic Information

Model No: ABC Cable                
Material of conductor: Aluminum, Copper
Certificate: ISO9001, ISO14000, CCC      
Standard: ICEA S-76-474 etc, NFC-33029  
Construction: Single Core, Duplex , Triplex, Quadruplex
Voltage: 35KV, 10KV, 600V  With message wire
Insulation Material: XLPE, HD PE, MD PE, LD PE      
Delivery Time;15-20 days
Packing: wooden drum
Cross Section Area: 10mm2 - 300mm2, or AWG  
Supply Record: African countries, Asian countries.
HS Code: 8544492100
Application: Overhead Distribution Grid, Rural Power Supply, Construction Industry etc.
Voltage: 35KV, 10KV, 0.6/1KV
Current: AC 
Insulation Material: XLPE,HD PE, MD PE, LD PE
Sheath Material: XLPE, PE
Material Shape: Round wire

Electric cable (39)Electric cable (46)

Applications of  abc cable

Primarily used for 120 volt overhead service applications such as street lighting, outdoor lighting, and temporary service for construction. To be used at voltages of 600 volts phase-to-phase or less and at conductor temperatures not to exceed 75°C for polyethylene insulated conductors or 90°C for cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) insulated conductors.


codeRated Voltage

AWG or kcmil
Neutral Wire (ACSR)Phase Wire
Morochuca3*6AWG+1*6AWG11.68 61.68 5.0414.11 14.62221
Chola3*6AWG+1*6AWG11.68 61.68 5.0471.55 4.661.146.9515.62227
Morgan3*4AWG+1*4AWG12.12 62.12 6.3615.19
Hackney3*4AWG+1*4AWG12.12 62.12 6.3671.96 5.881.148.1718.62338
Palomino3*2AWG+1*2AWG12.67 62.67 8.0272.47 7.421.149.7122.41511
Costena3*1/0AWG+1*1/0AWG13.37 63.37 10.11191.89 9.471.5212.5228.77824
Grullo3*2/0AWG+1*2/0AWG13.78 63.78 11.35192.13 10.631.5213.6831.611015
Suffolk3*3/0AWG+1*3/0AWG14.25 64.25 12.74192.39 11.941.5214.9934.821254
Appaloosa3*4/0AWG+1*4/0AWG14.77 64.77 14.31192.68 13.40 1.5216.4538.421554
Broneo3*336.4+1*336.413.47 183.47 17.36193.38 16.90 2.0320.9648.432321
Gelding3*336.4+1*4/0AWG14.77 64.77 14.31193.38 16.90 2.0320.9646.592221


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