YY Cable

YY cables are ideally suited for use as control, signal and power cables in a variety of applications.

Range of use include machine tool engineering, plant installations, car production lines, bottling plants and other automated production facilities.
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Product Details

YY flexible control cable 



control cable to connect equipment in production/assembly lines. 

Can be used between both fixed and mobile equipment

2.5 mm electrical wire2.5mm flat cablepower cables 014

Conductors: Plain annealed Flexible copper 

Insulation: PVC (Polyvinyl chloride)

Core identification: 

2 core: brown & blue, 

3 core: brown, blue & green/yellow, 

4 core: brown, grey, black & green/yellow, 

5 core: brown, blue, grey, black & green/yellow

Sheath: PVC (Polyvinyl chloride)

Colour: Black

Voltage: 300/500v

Operating temperature: Flexing: -15°C / + 80°, Fixed: -40°C / + 80°C

Standards: VDE0250: Insulated power cables. General specifications

Packgae:soft package, wooden drum,steel wooden drum,steel iron drum, wooden pallet. 

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