1.VOLTAGE:H07V-K: 300/500V
2.CONDUCTOR:1.0mm-2.5mm class 1 solid, 4.0mm-25mm class 2 stranded
3.INSULATION:PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)
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300/500 Volt, single core PVC insulated & sheathed (double insulated) surface wiring cable. Suitable for use in domestic and light industrial applications where the risk of any mechanical impact is low. The cable can be clipped directly to a surface, used on tray, embedded in plaster or used in free air.


Single core plain copper conductor (1.0mm-2.5mm class 1 solid, 4.0mm-25mm class 2 stranded) PVC insulated blue or brown, PVC sheathed colour grey

3.Technical Data

BS 6004


  • Nominal Voltage : 300 - 500V

  • Bending Radius : 1.0mm2 - 6.0mm2 3 times O/D // 10mm2 - 25mm2 4 times O/D

  • Operating Temperature Coldest : -15ºC

  • Operating Temperature Hottest : +70ºC

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