Best Price Electrical Wire Wholesale From China Supplier

Best Price Electrical Wire Wholesale From China Supplier

Type:House wire cable
Conductor Type:Solid copper conductor
Conductor Material:Copper
Insulation Material:PVC
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Best Price Electrical Wire Wholesale From China Supplier

Products Instroduction:

1. Standard: IEC60227, HD22.4, NFC-32-12-4.

2. Voltage: 450/750V, 300/500V,300/300V

3. Conductor: Copper, Aluminum.

4. Construction: Solid, Stranded wires, flexible

5. Numer of Cores: single core, two cores, 3 cores, multi-pairs, 

6. Material of insulation: PVC, EPR

7. Insulation: PVC

8. Cross Section area of conductor: 0.5mm2, 1mm2, 2mm2, 1.5mm2, 6mm2, 10mm2..........300mm2

These cables are applied to construction, telecom, instrument, equipent, computer,  electric appliances, robot, AI industries. 

These cables are also customized to manufacture flame retardant PVC cables, the main features of the flame retardant PVC cable or wire is hard to get fire or that the continuous burning of cables is very limited when it is on fire.It applies to the places with special demands for flame retardant property. Flame retardant cable is classified as class A,B or C. Amongst the 3 class , class A is the best in aspect of flame retardant.

Fire-resistance cable can operate normally for some time when it is burning except that it can transmit electrical power under normal condition. It is used in the places with special demands for fire resistance property.

Key Technical Parameter:

60227 IEC 01(BV)  GB/T5023-2008

cross- section

Upper limit Of O.D.         
 resistance at 20
at 70ºC
ampacity A
 of cable
1.50 13.2 12.10.011 2520.0 
1.50 23.3 12.10.010 2521.5 
2.50 13.9 7.410.010 3431.8 
2.50 24.0 7.410.009 3434.8 
4.00 14.4 4.610.0085 4446.8 
4.00 24.6 4.610.0077 4450.3 
6.00 15.0 3.080.0070 5866.50 
6.00 25.2 3.080.0065 5871.00 
1026.7 1.830.0065 79116.0 
1627.8 1.150.0050 111180
2529.7 0.7270.0050 146277
35210.9 0.5240.0040 180375
50212.8 0.3870.0045 282536
70214.6 0.2680.0035 281706
95217.1 0.1930.0035 344977
120218.8 0.1530.0032 3971231
150220.9 0.1240.0032 4561503
185223.3 0.09910.0032 5191870
240226.6 0.07540.0032 5922457
300229.6 0.06010.0030 6853053
400233.2 0.0470 0.0028 7993948

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Packaging & Shipping

All cable For exporting are well packed and protected by wooden drum or Wood and Steel Drum.

The packing material is depended on the weight and size of cable.

The good information, manufacture information, and the client's information is firmly printed on each size of drum.

After the well packed cable drums sent to Sea Port, they are loaded into 20 FT container or 40 FT container. All cable drum are firmly fixed by safety belt to make sure, no movement during the sea freight.

The size of the container is chosed according to weight of total loaded goods or as per the client's requirement.


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