BS6004 Cable

1.Conductor Solid (1-2,5 mm2 ), class 1 Stranded (4-16 mm2 ), class 2 in accordance with BS 6004
2.Insulation In accordance with BS 6004
3.Core colours In accordance with BS 6004
4.Sheath Plasticized PVC type 6 in accordance with BS 7655-4.2 standard 5.Sheath colour In accordance with BS 6004
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Product Details

BS6004 Cable


Voltage Rating Uo/U 300/500V

Temperature Rating -5°C to +70°C

Minimum Bending Radius

Fixed: 6 x overall diameter


British Standard BS6004 specifies the requirements for Low Voltage (LV) flexible Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) insulated and PVC oversheathed cables commonly used in final circuits in building, including electric power supply and lighting applications with a voltage range of up to and including 300V/500V.


This standard covers cables from domestic building wiring flat twin & earth (T&E), to 618Y cable for domestic and industrial use in dry and damp areas, through to Arctic grade cable for sub-zero Celsius applications (-40°). These fixed wiring cables are typically used in domestic and light industrial areas.

Eland Cables portfolio of BS6004 cables includes a comprehensive range of BASEC-approved cables, including our twin & earth (T&E), 6181Y and 318-A cables.

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6241Y/6242Y/ 6243Y to BS 6004

1.Application and Description

These cables are suitable for fixed installation in dry or damp premises on walls, boards or trays, in channels or embedded in plaster. They should be laid in conduit or trunking where mechanical protection is required.

2.Cable Construction

6241Y/6242Y/ 6243Y to BS 60046241Y - British Standard Industrial Cables
Fine bare copper strands
Stranding to IEC 60228 Class 1 or 2
PVC insulation type TI1 to BS 7655
The core or cores shall be laid parallel with the uninsulated circuit protective conductor
For twin cores, the protective conductor centrally placed between cores in same plane
For 3 cores, the protective conductor centrally placed between black and grey cores in same plane
PVC sheath type T6 to BS 7655

3.Core Identification

2 Coresbrown and blue, or, for 2 × 1.0 and 2 × 1.5 cables, brown and brown
3 coresbrown, black (centre core) and grey

4.Technical Characteristics

6242Y to BS 60046243Y to BS 6004
Working voltage300/500v
Test voltage2000 volts
Minimum bending radius4xOverall diameter
Flexing temperature-15 oC to +70 oC
Short circuit temperature+160 oC
Flame retardantIEC 60332.1
Insulation resistance10 MΩxkm

5.Cable Parameter

AWG (No of Strands/Strand Diameter)No. of Cores x Nominal Cross Sectional AreaNominal thickness of insulationNominal thickness of sheathNominal overall dimensionsCircuit protective conductorNominal Weight
lower limitupper limit
171 ×
161 ×
172 × × 7.24.7 × 8.61768
17(7/26)2 × × 7.85.1 × 9.41773
162 ×
16(7/24)2 ×
142 × 2.50.815.2x9.86.2x11.516120
14(7/22)2 × 2.50.815.2x9.86.6x12.016125
12(7/20)2 × 40.815.6x10.57.2x13.016175
10(7/18)2 ×
8(7/16)2 × 1011.27.8x15.59.6x19.012(7/20)390
6(7/14)2 × 1611.39.0x18.011.0x22.510(7/18)560
173 ×
163 ×
143 × 2.50.815.2x12.56.2x14.517170
12(7/20)3 ×
10(7/18)3 ×
8(7/16)3 × 1011.27.8x21.09.6x25.512(7/20)540
6(7/14)3 × 1611.39.0x24.511.0x29.510(7/18)790

6.Other cable type for the reference 



7.Packaging & Shipping


Packaging 100 metre
Shrink-wrapped coils

Also available on  1000 metre
Wooden drums


 package 1:2+4+5

 package 2:1+5

 package 3:3+5

 package 4:6 (this package is use for big size cable.)

Which package as you wish.


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