Diameter Copper Conductor BV Commonly Used Electric Cable Wires

1.Diameter Copper Conductor BV Commonly Used Electric Cable Wires
2.Transparent Electric Wire
3.Aluminum and Copper XLPE PVC Power Cables
4.Zr-Rvvp PVC Insulated Sheathed Cable
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Product Details

BV cable for Instrument & Lighting with Voltage 450V/750V 



This product is apply for AC450/750V or below power, and household electrical appliance,Instrument and apparatus, telecommunications equipment and lighting ect. fixed installation.


2,Operating Characteristic

1)The rated voltage of cable Uo/U is:450/750V,300/500V,300/300V

2)The conductor of electric wire cable allows working temperature <70°C for long time

3) The installment temp of cable should not less than 0°C, OD<25mm cable, allowed bending radius should 4D,OD25mm, allowed bending radius should6D


 3,Executive Standard


4.Type,Name and Rated voltage
PVC Insulated Copper Conductor BV Electric Wire Cable

Electric cable (113)

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