Flexible House Wiring Electric Cables Silicone Coated Wires

1.electric cables silicone coated wires
2.Flexible Electrical Wire Cable
3.Flexible House Wiring
4.Silicone Rubber Cable
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Product Details

Item Name: Flexible house wiring electric cables silicone coated wires

Electric cable 60 
1) Product implementation standards: UL758; UL certification number: E252215
2) Style No.: YGZ/YGZF
3) Size: 0.1sqmm~240sqmm;
4) Rated Voltage: 300/500V; 450/750V
5) Rated Temperature:-60°C~+200°C
6) Conductor: Stranded Tinned plated copper
7) Insulation: silicone rubber or teflon

8) Coated: Silicone rubber

9) Color: red / yellow / blue / white / black / yellow green / brown / orange / purple / green / etc

Product Features
*excellent resistance to high temperature

*low temperature resistance

*electrical properties and waterproof

*mildew superior performance

*aging resistance

*Excellent bending performance

*long service life


*mobile motors


*power plants

*petrochemical and other high temperature environment

Luxing Cable Factory Mainly Produce 

300/500V 450/750V electrical wire AAC conductor 
600/1000V PVC insulated cableAAAC conductor 
600/1000V XLPE insulated cableACSR conductor 
1.8/3KV to 26/35KV power cable OPGW 
Armored underground cableABC cable 
Control cable and instrumentation cables Rubber cable

202001021712592816472.webpWhy choose us?

1. Advanced process equipment

2. Competitive price and high quality

3. Excellent after-sale service

4. Attractive design and various styles

5. Powerful technology R&D team

6. Strict quality assurance system and perfect testing means

7. Advanced process equipment

8. Delivery on time

9. Have a good reputation in the domestic and overseas.

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