H05VV- F H03VV- F

1.H03VV-F H05VV-F
2.XL-Polyolefin Insulated Wire
4.Insluaed Building Wire and Cables
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Code NameNo. of core and Nominal conductor areaNumber of wiresNominal diameter of wireNominal thickness of insulationNominal thickness of outer sheathApprox.   Overall diameterMax. Conductor DC resistance at 20oC
No. x mm2No.mmmmmmmmΩ/km
H03VV-F2 x 0.5160.20.50.6539
2 x 0.75240.
3 x 0.5160.
3 x 0.75240.
4 x 0.5160.
4 x 0.75240.
H05VV-F2 x 0.75240.
2 x 1.0320.
2 x 1.5300.
2 x 2.5500.250.819.37.98
2 x 4810.
3 x 0.75240.
3 x 1.0320.20.60.8719.5
3 x 1.5300.
3 x 2.5500.250.81.1107.98
3 x 4810.
4 x 0.75240.
4 x 1.0320.
4 x 1.5300.250.719.213.3
4 x 2.5500.250.81.1117.98
4 x 4810.
5 x 0.75240.
5 x 1.0320.
5 x 1.5300.
5 x 2.5500.
5 x 4810.250.81.414.14.95

Product Description
High Quality Copper Conductor H05VV-F/H03VV-F Flexible Cable


VOLATGE RATE300/300V,300/500V
Range of Nominal cross section:1.0MM²-10.0MM²
Application:Flexible wiring, for switch control, instrumentation panels and for internal connection.
StandardIEC 60227, BS6500, VDE0281, GB/T 5023, JB/T8734
Conductor: Class 5 fine annealed copper wires
Insulation: PVC
Sheath: PVC
Core color: Brown, Grey, Black, Blue, Orange, Green/Yellow or others on request

Max. Operating Temperature
70°C, can be 90°C,105°C as per requirement
Packing100 meter/roll or as per requirement
Production Capacity30 kilometer/ day
MOQ10000 meters for small size, 5000 meters for middle size, 1000 meters for big size
Delivery time10~15 working days
RemarkThe cable can be of flame retardance, fire resistance and other property

Insualted flexible cables are suitable for use in connecting portable devices of general destional such as household electric equipment of general use as well as in wet room,in average work condition e.g. .of washing machine,fridge and kitchen and heat appliances on condition that there is no danger of contact with hot elements.

Packing:Ring of length of 100 meters and orther forms according to customer's requests.
High Quality Copper Conductor H05VV-F/H03VV-F Flexible Cable
High Quality Copper Conductor H05VV-F/H03VV-F Flexible Cable

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