PVC Insulated Single Core Solid Flexible Copper Cable

1.PVC insulated single core solid flexible copper cable
2.PVC Coated Wire
3.Grounding Wire
4.Electric Copper Wire
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Product Details

PVC insulated single core 3 core 4mm 2.5mm 1.5mm solid flexible copper cable

Wiring for electrical appliances, smaller size electric tools, instruments of various meters, and motorized lighting system and etc.

Technical Parameters of PVC Insulated Single Core Copper Electrical Wire

No. of Cores x Nominal Cross Section of ConductorConductorInsulation ThicknessApprox. Overall Diameter

D.C Conductor


Approx.  Weight


1.5 mm²1/1.380.72.7812.220
2.5 mm²1/1.780.83.387.5632
4  mm²1/
6  mm²1/2.760.84.363.1167
10  mm²7/1.351.06.051.83115
16  mm²7/

Technical Parameters of PVC Insulated PVC Sheathed 3 Core Copper Flexible Electrical Wire H05VV-F

SizeNo./Diameter of Individual Copper WirePVC Insulation ThicknessPVC Sheath ThicknessApprox. Overall DiameterApprox. WeightMax.D.C Conductor Resistance (20ºC)

3x1.5 30/

Contact us for other sizes cable!

Permitted temperature on core

a) Long-term working temperature: 70ºC

b) Max. temperature in short circuit: 160ºC


IEC 60227,IEC 60228,IEC 60332,GB/T 5023,BS 6500,BS 6004,VDE 0281,0282 ,UL 83, AS/NZS 5000.2  etc. 

LUXING CABLE can also design and produce for special application requirement.

Products Type


Single core rigid conductor unsheathed cable for general purposes(H07V-U or H07V-R)
Single core flexible conductor unsheathed cable for general purposes(H07V-K)
Single core 70ºC solid conductor unsheathed cable for internal wiring(H05V-U or H05V-R)
Single core 90ºC solid conductor unsheathed cable for internal wiring(H07V-U or H07V-R)
Single core 90ºC flexible conductor unsheathed cable for internal wiring(H07V-K)
Light PVC sheathed cable(NYY or NYM)
Flat unsheathed flexible wire
Light PVC sheathed flexible wire (H03VV-F,H03VV2-F)
Common PVC sheathed flexible wire (H05VV-F,H05VV2-F)
Copper conductor PVC insulated wire(H07V-U or H07V-R)
Aluminum conductor PVC insulated wire
Copper conductor PVC insulated flexible cable(H07V-R)
Copper conductor PVC insulated sheathed circular cable(NYY or NYM)
Aluminum conductor PVC insulated and sheathed round cable
Copper conductor PVC insulated and sheathed flat cable
Aluminum conductor PVC insulated sheathed flat cable
Copper conductor PVC/Nylon Insulated PVC Jacked flat cable
Twisted copper conductor PVC insulated flexible cable for conection
Copper conductor PVC insulated wire with shied for installation
Copper conductor PVC insulated flexible wire with shield
Copper conductor PVC insulated, shielded, PVC sheathed flexible cable

Production Range

Rated Voltage U0/U(Um) (kV) : 300/300V,300/500V,450/750V, 600/1000V  

No. of cores :  1, 2 , 3, 4, 5 or more as customer required.   

Nominal cross-section (mm2): 0.5~16 or larger as customer required.


Standard export wooden box, wooden pallet packing.
PVC Insulated Single Core 3 Core 4mm 2.5mm 1.5mm Solid Flexible Copper Cable
PVC Insulated Single Core 3 Core 4mm 2.5mm 1.5mm Solid Flexible Copper Cable


3-20 days after confirming order,detail delivery date should be decided according to 
production season and order quantity.

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