TUV Certificate Solar Power Cable Wire Armoured Cable 2.5mm2, 4mm2; , 6mm2;

Type:House wire cable
Conductor Type:Multi core tinned conductor
Conductor Material:copper
Insulation Material:PVC
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TUV Certificate Solar Power Cable Wire Armoured Cable 2.5mm²,4mm²,6mm²

1. Construction: Tinned cooper, XLPE insulation, XLPE outer sheath.
2. Test Voltage: 6500V, 5min; rated voltage:1000/1800V DC.
3. Halogen free and low smoke, Rohs standard. 
4. UV resistance.
5. Temperature rating:-40°C to 125°C, cold resistance.
6. UL and TUV certification, TUV2Pfg1169-1.
7. Power cable for photovoltaic system.


Single CoreCross sectionStrand designConductor diameterConductor diameterOuter diameter
  mm² No.x ø(mm) mm  Ω /km mm
PV-1*1.5 mm² 1.5 30x ø 0.25 1.6 13.9 4.5
PV-1*2.5 mm² 2.5 48x ø 0.25 2.0 8.06 5.3
  PV-1*4.0 mm² 4.0 56x ø 0.3 2.6 4.97 6.2
  PV-1*6.0 mm² 6.0 81x ø 0.3 3.3 3.52 7.2
  PV-1*10.0 mm² 10.0 200x ø0.25 4.4 2.12 8.3
  PV-1*16 mm² 16.0 224x ø 0.3 5.2 1.95 9.5
Twins CoreCross sectionStrand designConductor diameterConductor diameterOuter diameter
mm²No.x ø(mm)mmΩ /kmmm
PV-2*1.5 mm²1.530x ø 0.251.613.95.80*9.30
PV-2*2.5 mm²2.548x ø 0.2528.066.20*9.90
PV-2*4.0 mm²456x ø*11.30

1.Electron-beam cross-linked compounds
2.UV, ozone and hydrolysis resistant
3.High temperature resistant, the materials do not melt or flow
4.Good cold flexibility
5.Very long service life > 25 years at 90°C 
6.Compatible to all popular connectors

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TUV Certificate Solar Power Cable Wire Armoured Cable 2.5mm2, 4mm2; , 6mm2;


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Packaging & Shipping

All cable For exporting are well packed and protected by wooden drum or Wood and Steel Drum.

The packing material is depended on the weight and size of cable.

The good information, manufacture information, and the client's information is firmly printed on each size of drum.

After the well packed cable drums sent to Sea Port, they are loaded into 20 FT container or 40 FT container. All cable drum are firmly fixed by safety belt to make sure, no movement during the sea freight.

The size of the container is chosed according to weight of total loaded goods or as per the client's requirement.


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