BS5467 Armoured Electric Cable Standard

- Jun 03, 2019-

BS5467: Specification for 6001000V and 19003300V armoured electric cables


This British Standard specifies requirements for construction and describes methods of test for armoured cable with thermosetting insulation of rated voltages 600/1 000 V and 1 900/3 300 V. Cables specified in this standard are intended for use in fixed installations in industrial areas, buildings and similar applications.

The insulation and other components are suitable to permit operation of the cables at a maximum sustained conductor temperature of 90 °C and for a maximum short-circuit conductor temperature  of 250 °C.

NOTE 1 Limitation on the temperature of the cables may be imposed in situations where they may be touched.

NOTE 2 Due to the relatively high conductor temperature, there is a risk of drying out the surrounding soil, causing an increase in thermal resistivity, which in turn would lead to the cable temperature rising to a higher value than anticipated. For cable laid directly in the ground, a suitable de-rating factor should be applied or a lower maximum sustained conductor operating temperature assumed to take into account the possible effects of soil drying out.

NOTE 3 In installations which include cable joints and terminations, the performance of these accessories should be taken into 

account in deciding the maximum operating temperature of the cable.

Cables specified in this standard are:

a) 600/1 000 V cables, either wire or aluminium strip armoured and oversheathed having:

single-core stranded copper conductor;

single-core solid aluminium conductor;

two-, three-, four- and five-core stranded copper conductor;

two-, three-, and four-core solid aluminium conductor;

multicore auxiliary stranded copper conductor.

b) 1 900/3 300 V cables, wire armoured and oversheathed, having:

single-core stranded copper conductor;

single-core solid aluminium conductor;

three-core stranded copper conductor;

three-core solid aluminium conductor.

Annex A gives recommendations for the selection and operation of cables while recommendations for the installation of cables are given in Annex B. Annex C lists the information that should be given with an enquiry or order.