How many kinds of wire and cable conductors are there?

- Jun 05, 2020-

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Not only are there many types of wire and cable products, but their conductors are also divided into many types. 

The following are the 7 commonly used types:

Conductor, wire: a component in a cable that has a specific function of conducting current.

Solid conductor, practice conductor: a conductor made of a round wire or profile wire.

Single conductor: a conductor of single wire or multiple metal wires not covered with other metal layers.

Metal-plated conductors: solid conductors coated with thin layers of different metals or alloys.

Tinned conductor: a conductor plated with tin.

Metal-coated conductor: a conductor consisting of a metal as an internal component and metallurgical processing (welding) on which another metal is coated as an external component.

Concentric twisted round conductors: multiple single wires are twisted into one or more concentric layer twisted conductors in a spiral shape, usually adjacent layers are twisted in opposite directions.

Bundled conductor, bundled conductor: a conductor formed by multiple single wires spirally bundled in the same direction and at the same pitch.

Multi-stranded conductor: One or more layers of conductors (cores) formed by helically twisting several strands. Each strand in the conductor (core) can be concentrically stranded or bundled.

Hollow conductor: a conductor with a central channel.

Split conductor: a conductor consisting of stranded wires with a thin layer of insulation between each other.

Flat conductor: a conductor whose cross-sectional shape is nearly flat.

Flexible conductor: Stranded conductor composed of round wires with a sufficiently small diameter, suitable for flexible cables.

Tightening conductors: Stranded conductors that are compressed or stretched mechanically, or the shape and configuration of single wires are appropriately selected to reduce the stranding gap.

Concentric conductor: a conductor wrapped around one or more insulated cores.

Copper wire: a component consisting of a layer or layers of thin copper tape spirally wound on a fiber core, and then a conductor formed by twisting one or several components.