The Electrical Wire

- Jun 11, 2019-

Electrical Wire;flex;cable cord;electric line Wires are the conductor of the conduction current. 

wire:Carrier conduction power usage .

electric wire: For transmission ( magnetic ) , information and wire products of electromagnetic energy conversion . 

The distinction between wire and cable

"Wire" and "cable" in the concept and there is no strict boundaries. Narrow sense, is divided into "wire" and "cable", collectively referred to as "cable" in the broad sense. Usually considered: (1) a single called "line"; Dorgan called "cable".

(2) the small diameter is called "line"; large diameter called "cable".

(3) simple structure called the "line"; complex structure called the "cable".

But with the expansion of the scope, the many varieties of "line lead", "cable wired. There is no need to strictly differentiated.

Daily habits, household wire cloth called a wire, power cable for short cable. Wire and cable including bare wires, winding wires, power cables, communication cables and fiber optic cable for electrical equipment.

The composition of the wire and cable

Wire and cable conductor, insulation, shielding and protective layer composed of four parts.

(1) Conductor is the conductive part of the wire and cable used to transport electricity, is the main part of the wire and cable.

(2) insulating layer insulating layer is an indispensable part of the wire and cable structure between the conductor and the earth, as well as different phase conductor electrically isolated from each other to ensure that power transmission is.

(3) shield 15KV and above wires and cables are generally the conductor shield and insulation shield.

(4) the role of the protective layer of the protective layer to protect wires and cables from external impurities and moisture intrusion, and to prevent external damage the power cable directly.

Wire and cable named

Complete the naming of the wire and cable is usually more complex , so people sometimes use a simple name (usually the name of a class ) combined with the model specification instead of the full name , such as " low voltage cable on behalf of all 0.6/1kV grade plastic insulation class power cable. More perfect form spectrum of the electric wire and cable , we can say , just write the specifications of the standard model of the wire and cable , you can clear a specific product , but it is the full name is what ?

Wire and cable products named the following principles: 

1.Included in the product name

(1) product applications or size of the class name

(2) the material or type of product structure;

(3) important features or additional features of the basic named according to the above order, and sometimes in order to emphasize the important additional features,the characteristics wrote before the description of the front or the corresponding structure.

2. Structure described in the order of the product structure described by the principles from the inside out: the conductor -> insulation - inside the sheath - layer of protection -> armored type.

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