The important knowledge about cable laying

- Jun 05, 2020-

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1. How many kinds of cables are laid?


There are the following:

(1) Directly buried in the ground;

(2) Installed in the cable trench;

(3) Installed in underground tunnels;

(4) Installed on the internal wall of the building or on the ceiling;

(5) Installed on the bridge;

(6) Laying in the exhaust pipe;

(7) Lay on the bottom of the water.

2. What are the commonly used equipment for cable laying?


(1) The air compressor is mainly used to destroy the road surface and prepare for laying cables in the future

(2) Electric winch or cable traction machine, mainly used to tow cables;

(3) The cable conveyor is used with the tractor to overcome the huge friction and reduce the damage to the cable;

(4) Cable reel pay-off bracket;

(5) Roller device;

(6) Anti-twist, reduce the distortion of the wire rope;

(7) Cable disc brake device;

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