300/500V Computer Cable

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2. Instrument cable
3. Anti-interference electronic computer cable
4. Twisted pair shield instrument cable
5. Silicone rubber instrument cable
6. Fluoro plastic computer cable
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Product Details

Computer cable or Instrument cable

Electric cable (208)Electric cable (482)

1. Construction: 

Conductor: Stranded Tinned Copper

Insulation: PVC/ PE/ XLPE/ Silicone Rubber/ Fluoroplastic

1st screen: AL-Mylar Wrap, Overlapping

Drain wire : Stranded Tinned copper

Braid shield;Tinned Copper >85%  
Jacket:LSZH/PVC/PE /


2. Mechanical Properties:

Rated temperature:80 degree 
Bend radius: 10XD
Bending Test:Load 500g , over 5,000 times
Operating temperature range:-20 to 70 degree
Rated voltage:300V

3. Application:

For installation requiring flexible connector cable to fulfill measuring. Controls & command application etc. Computer Interconnection, Data Transmission, Charge Circuits, Industrial Equipment Control, Digital TV


4. Cable Pictures


5. Production Flow Chart


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