0.6/1 Kv 95mm Copper Cable

1.0.6/1kv Underground Copper Power Cable
2.Armoured Power Cable
3.Electrical Cable
4.NYY cable
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Product Details

0.6/1 kv 95mm copper cable



Soft annealed stranded copper wires or aluminum wires concentrically stranded in successive layers, in
opposite direction,to form the stranded conductor.



The conductor is insulated with a layer of extruded XLPE compound.



Two or more cores are laid up with suitable lay, to form the assembled cable



Over assembled cable is applied an outer protecting layer of extruded PVC compound.


Operating temperature:

90ºC continuous normal operation,130ºC for emergency overload condition and 250 ºC for short circuit condition.



For outdoor and indoor installations in damp and wet locations, laid direct in the ground

(when well protected), in ducts, in trenches and in steel support brackets.



XLPE cable has high electric strength, mechanical strength, high aging-resisting , environmental stress
resisting andanti-chemical corrosion, and its construction is simple, it is convenient to use  and has
a higher long-term operating temperature. It can be laid with no drop restriction. 

Remark: The cable can be of flame retardant, fire resistance and other property

Luxing Factory : our production base 
0.6/1 Kv 95mm Copper Cable

Luxing Cable Mainly Produce 

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600/1000V PVC insulated cableAAAC conductor 
600/1000V XLPE insulated cableACSR conductor 
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Control cable and instrumentation cables Rubber cable

0.6/1 Kv 95mm Copper Cable

0.6/1 Kv 95mm Copper Cable

Strict Quality Test 
0.6/1 Kv 95mm Copper Cable

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0.6/1 Kv 95mm Copper Cable

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1.18 years manufacturing experience

2.Professional international trade team

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4.Factory low price and high quality based on advanced technology and high work efficiency

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