0.6/ 1kv, Five Cores, Cu Or Al/XLPE/PVC Power Cable

1.0.6/1 Kv Copper Cable with 35mm Ground Cable
2.0.6/1 Kv XLPE Insulated 4 Core 95mm Copper Cable
3.0.6/1kv Low Voltage Unarmored Cable
4.0.6/1kv PVC Insulated Cable
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Product Details

0.6/1kV 1.5~630sqmm single core or 3 core Copper or Aluminum conductor XLPE Insulated Power Cable0.6/1kv 1.5~630sqmm Single Core or 3 Core Copper or Aluminum Conductor XLPE Insulated Power Cable

1.Main Application

XLPE insulated power cable is used for power distribution and transmission, building, appliance, flexible cord and machine tool. Insulation and jackets made from PVC which has a number of desirable properties inculding flexibility,resistance to temperature, resistance to adverse environmental situations and low cost.

GB/12706-2008, IEC60502, IEC 60228,IEC60332,BS 6004, AS/NZS 5000.1 ect.
Luxing Cable can also design and produce for special application requirement

3.Range of application

The cable is suitable for power transmission and distribution lines with rated power frequency voltage 0.6/1kV.

4.Instruction of application

4.1 Rated voltages: 0.6/1 kV
4.2 The ambient temperature for installation: ≥0ºC
4.3 Maximum conductor temperature in normal operation: 70ºC
4.4 Max operating temperature of con. When cable short-circuited(5s maximum duration): 160ºC
4.5 Permissible bending radius:
Single cable: [20(D+d)±5%]mm
Multi-core cable:[15(D+d)±5%]mm

5.Products Type 

No. of cores : single core , 2 core , 3 core, 4 core , 5 core, 3+1 core , 4+1 core ,3+2 core

6.Production Range

Nominal cross-section: 0~630sqmm


Conductor shaped:RE=circular solid,CC=compacted circular stranded,SM=sector shaped strandedConductor: Plain circular,compacted or shaped stranded copper or aluminium conductor ,conform to IEC60228

CLass 2 

Insulation: XLPE Compound Insulation 

Bedding /Inner Sheath: PVC Compound

Armour: Aluminium wire, Galvanized steel wire or Steel tape armoured cable

Outer Sheath: PVC or PE Compound

8.Packing & Shipping

We provide you with the best product packaging design services, thereby allowing you to save more shipping charges.

9.Luxing Factory : our production base 
0.6/ 1kv, Five Cores, Cu or Al/XLPE/PVC Power Cable

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