4 Cores 16mm Electric Cable Armoured Power Cable

1.4 Cores 16mm Electric Cable Armoured Power Cable
2.0.6/1kv XLPE OR PVC Insualted and Sheathed armoured Copper electric cable / Power Cable
3.XLPE Cable
4.SWA/STA Power cable
5.Armoured electrical cable
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Armored copper cable is a very innovative concept for overhead power distribution as compared to the conventional bare conductor overhead distribution system.

It provides higher level of safety and reliability, lower power losses and ultimate system economy by reducing installation, maintenance and operative cost.

Caledonian LV Aerial Bundle Cables are designed to supply 600/1000 volt aerial service for temporary service at construction sites, as a service drop (power pole to service entrance), as a secondary cable (pole to pole) or street lighting.

This over-head cable provides reinforced insulation acc. IEC 61140 and fulfill therefore Class II acc. IEC 61140. It is not flame retardant. But this could be if requested change to a flame retardant cable.


Basic design to BS 7870 / TNB Specification(IEC 60502) / HD 626 S1 / NFC 33-209 / AS/NZS 3560-1 standards



ConductorAluminium conductor, round stranded compressed (RM).
InsulationXPLE compound, UV-resistant.
Core Identification1, 2 resp. 3 raised longitudinal ribs on the surface of the cores. The surface of the neutral core should have at least 12 ribs for cross-sections up to 50 mm² and a minimum of 16 ribs for cores above 50 mm². In the case of five core bundles the surface of the protective core should be smooth.

Electrical Properties

Rated Voltage0.6/1kV
Test Voltage4 Veff kV
Minimum Laying Temperature-20°C
Operating Temperature-40°C~ +90°C
Maximum Short-circuit Temperature250°C
Maximum Conductor Temperature80°C
Minimum Bending Radius18×OD

Construction Parameters

BS 7870

Number of Cores x Nominal Cross SectionOverall DiameterWeightMaximum Conductor ResistanceMinimum Breaking LoadCurrent Rating
1x16 RM8.0741.9102.572
1x25 RM9.01061.2004.0107
1x35 RM10.51380.8685.5132
1x50 RM11.81820.6418.0165
1x70 RM13.02520.44310.7205
1x95 RM15.43330.32013.7240
1x120 RM17.04080.25318.6290
1x150 RM19.05020.20623.2334
1x185 RM21.06110.16428.7389
1x240 RM24.08010.12537.2467
2x16 RM15.61471.9102.572
2x25 RM18.02081.2004.0107
2x35 RM20.02770.8685.5132
2x50 RM23.53610.6418.0165
2x70 RM25.45050.44310.7205
2x95 RM30.36660.32013.7240
2x150 RM38.010040.20623.2334
4x16 RM18.82861.9102.572
4x25 RM21.24301.2004.0107
4x35 RM24.15530.8685.5132
4x50 RM27.87460.6418.0165
4x70 RM31.810090.44310.7205
4x95 RM37.813320.32013.7240
4x120 RM54.416320.25318.6290
4x50 + 1x25 RM31.98140.641/1.2008.0/4.0165/107
4x50 + 1x35 RM31.98450.641/0.8688.5/5.5165/132
4x70 + 1x25 RM36.011050.443/1.20010.7/4.0205/107
4x70 + 2x25 RM40.012170.443/1.20010.7/4.0205/107
4x95 + 1x25 RM41.814380.320/1.20013.7/4.0240/107
4x95 + 2x25 RM42.015440.320/1.20013.7/4.0240/107
4x120 + 1x25 RM59.020500.253/1.20018.6/4.0290/107

Other cross-sections can be offered upon request.

TNB Specification(IEC 60502)

Number of Cores x Nominal Cross SectionOveral DiameterWeightMaximum Conductor ResistanceMinimum Breaking LoadCurrent Rating
1x16+1x25 RM15.31601.9102.572
3x16+1x25 RM19.02901.2004.0107
3x25+1x25 RM23.24000.8685.5132
3x35+1x25 RM25.65000.6418.0165
3x50+1x35 RM30.06800.44310.7205
3x70+1x50 RM34.99200.32013.7240
3x95+1x70 RM40.612700.25318.6290
3x120+1x70 RM44.115100.20623.2334
3x150+1x95 RM49.218700.16428.7389
3x185+1x120 RM54.923400.12537.2467
3x25+1x25+1x16 RM23.24701.9102.572
3x35+1x25+1x16 RM25.65601.2004.0107
3x50+1x35+1x16 RM30.07400.8685.5132
3x70+1x50+1x16 RM34.99800.6418.0165
3x95+1x70+1x16 RM40.613300.44310.7205
3x120+1x70+1x16 RM44.115800.32013.7240
3x150+1x95+1x16 RM49.219400.20623.2334
3x185+1x120+1x16 RM54.924101.9102.572

Other cross-sections can be offered upon request.

HD 626 S1

number of cores x nominal cross sectionouter diametertotal weightmax. conductor- resistancemin. breaking load of conductor strandcurrent rating in the air 1)
mm²ca. mmca. kg/kmOhm/kmkNA
2x 16 RM15.61471.9102.572
2x 25 RM18.02081.2004.0107
2x 35 RM20.02770.8685.5132
2x 50 RM23.53610.6418.0165
4x 16 RM18.82861.9102.572
4x 25 RM21.24301.2004.0107
4x 35 RM24.15530.8685.5132
4x 50 RM27.87460.6418.0165
4x 70 RM31.810090.44310.7205
4x 95 RM37.813320.32013.7240
4x 120 RM54.416320.25318.6290
4x 35 + 1x 35 RM30.06940.868/0.8685.5/5.5132/132
4x 50 + 1x 25 RM31.98140.641/1.2008.0/4.0165/107
4x 50 + 1x 35 RM31.98450.641/0.8688.5/5.5165/132
4x 70 + 1x 25 RM36.011050.443/1.20010.7/4.0205/107
4x 70 + 2x 25 RM40.012170.443/1.20010.7/4.0205/107
4x 70 + 1x 35 RM36.211500.443/0.86810.7/5.5205/132
4x 70 + 2x 35 RM40.112890.443/0.86810.7/5.5205/132
4x 95 + 1x 25 RM41.814380.320/1.20013.7/4.0240/107
4x 95 + 1x 35 RM41.814670.320/0.86813.7/5.5240/132
4x 95 + 2x 25 RM42.015440.320/1.20013.7/4.0240/107

Other cross-sections can be offered upon request.

NFC 33-209

Number of Cores x Nominal Cross SectionOveral DiameterWeightMaximum Conductor ResistanceMinimum Breaking LoadCurrent Rating
2x10 RM12.8933.0801.538
4x10 RM15.41833.0801.538
2x16 RM14.81291.9102.372
2x16 RN + 2x1.5 RE14.81761.910/12.1002.372
4x16 RM17.82571.9102.372
4x16 RN + 2x1.5 RE17.83041.910/12.1002.372
2x25 RM18.02021.2003.8107
2x25 RM + 2x1.5 RE18.02491.200/12.1003.8107
4x25 RM21.74041.2003.8107
4x25 RM + 2x1.5 RE21.74511.200/12.1003.8107
2x35 RM20.82690.8685.2132
2x35 RM + 2x1.5 RE20.83160.868/12.1005.2132
4x35 RM25.15390.8685.2132
4x35 RM + 2x1.5 RE25.15860.868/12.1005.2132
2x50 RM23.43520.6417.6165
2x50 RM + 2x1.5 RE23.43990.641/12.1007.6165
1x54.6 RM + 3x25 RM21.75070.630/1.2003.8107
1x54.6 RM + 3x25 RM + 1x16 RM24.35730.630/1.200/1.9103.8/2.3107/72
1x54.6 RM + 3x25 RM + 2x16 RM29.76390.630/1.200/1.9103.8/2.3107/72
1x54.6 RM + 3x25 RM + 3x16 RM31.17050.630/1.200/1.9103.8/2.3107/72
1x54.6 RM + 3x35 RM25.16150.630/0.8685.2132
1x54.6 RM + 3x35 RM + 1x16 RM28.16800.630/0.868/1.9105.2/2.3132/72
1x54.6 RM + 3x35 RM + 2x16 RM34.37480.630/0.868/1.9105.2/2.3132/72
1x54.6 RM + 3x35 RM + 3x16 RM35.98140.630/0.868/1.9105.2/2.3132/72
1x54.6 RM + 3x35 RM + 1x25 RM28.17140.630/0.868/1.2005.2/3.8132/107
1x54.6 RM + 3x50 RM28.27410.630/0.6417.6165
1x54.6 RM + 3x50 RM + 1x16 RM31.68060.630/0.641/1.9107.6/2.3165/72
1x54.6 RM + 3x50 RM + 2x16 RM38.68750.630/0.641/1.9107.6/2.3165/72
1x54.6 RM + 3x50 RM + 3x16 RM40.49400.630/0.641/1.9107.6/2.3165/72
1x54.6 RM + 3x50 RM + 1x25 RM31.68410.630/0.641/1.2007.6/3.8165/107
1x54.6 RM + 3x70 RM33.09500.630/0.44310.2205
1x54.6 RM + 3x70 RM + 1x16 RM37.010140.630/0.443/1.91010.2/2.3205/72
1x54.6 RM + 3x70 RM + 2x16 RM45.210830.630/0.443/1.91010.2/2.3205/72
1x54.6 RM + 3x70 RM + 3x16 RM47.311480.630/0.443/1.91010.2/2.3205/72
1x54.6 RM + 3x70 RM + 1x25 RM37.010480.630/0.443/1.20010.2/3.8205/107
1x54.6 RM + 3x70 RM + 2x25 RM45.211500.630/0.443/1.20010.2/3.8205/107
1x54.6 RM + 3x70 RM + 3x25 RM47.312500.630/0.443/1.20010.2/3.8205/107
1x54.6 RM + 3x95 RM37.411760.630/0.32013.5240
1x54.6 RM + 3x95 RM + 1x16 RM41.912430.630/0.320/1.91013.5/2.3240/72

Other cross-sections can be offered upon request.

AS/NZS 3560 Part 1

Number of Cores x Nominal Cross SectionOverall DiameterWeightMinimum Breaking LoadCurrent Rating
2x16 RM15.01404.478
2x25 RM17.62107.0105
2x35 RM19.62709.8125
2x50 RM22.837011.4150
2x95 RM30.668015.3230
3x25 RM19.03108.897
3x35 RM21.14109.8120
3x50 RM24.655011.4140
4x16 RM18.12908.874
4x25 RM21.241014.097
4x35 RM23.755019.6120
4x50 RM27.574028.0140
4x70 RM31.9100039.2175
4x95 RM36.9137053.2215
4x120 RM40.6169067.2250
4x150 RM43.9202084.0280

Other cross-sections can be offered upon request.

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