150mm Flexible Copper PVC Covered Earth Grounding Wire Cable Green/Yellow

1.Copper PVC Covered Earth Grounding Wire Cable
2.Flexible Earthing Wire
3.XL-Polyolefin Insulated Wire
4.Insluaed Building Wire and Cables
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150 Flexible Copper PVC Covered Earth Grounding Wire Cable Green / Yellow Application 

Copper Tape is by far the most important component of any earth or structural lightning protection system .
PVC Coated Copper Grounding Tape is designed for use as conductor in earthing and lightning protection systems.

Electric cable (261)

PVC Coated Copper Grounding Tape is used as earthing and lightning for electrical transmission and distribution,
power generator and electronic applications.PVC Coated Copper Grounding Tape is mainly used as down
conductors on a building's structural lightning protection system. The copper is manufactured to BS EN 13601
and is annealed for ease of use.

This Green/Yellow earthing tape is made to match the most common building materials and provide an
aesthetic finish to the external lightning protection system. All PVC coverings are UV established
although some discoloration may occur over time.


150mm Flexible Copper PVC Covered Earth Grounding Wire Cable Green/Yellow Construction

Conductor material:Bare copper tape

Electric cable (86)

150mm Flexible Copper PVC Covered Earth Grounding Wire Cable Green/Yellow Physical Properties

Thickness of PVC sheath2.0mm
Electrical resistence of copper at 20°C0.0176Wmm2/m
Copper melting point1083°C
Current density at which the conductor temperature rises
from 40°C to 150°C in a time of 1 s if all heat is retained in conductor


150mm Flexible Copper PVC Covered Earth Grounding Wire Cable Green/Yellow Specification

AWGNo. of Cores x Nominal
Cross Sectional Area # xmm2
Nominal Overall DiametermmNominal Copper Weightkg/KmNominal Weightkg/Km
16(30/30)1 x 1.53.514.424
14(50/30)1 x 2.542435
12(56/28)1 x 44.83851
10(84/28)1 x 665871
8(80/26)1 x 106.796118
6(128/26)1 x 168.2154180
4(200/26)1 x 2510.2240278
2(280/26)1 x 3511.5336375
1(400/26)1 x 5013.6480560
2/0(356/24)1 x 7016672780
3/0(485/24)1 x 9518.4912952
4/0(614/24)1 x 12020.311521200
300 MCM (765/24)1 x 15022.714401505
350 MCM (944/24)1 x 18525.317761845
500MCM(1225/24)1 x 24028.323042400


Please contact us for technical support with the right cable selection for your power distribution projects and to discuss
your maintenance or project specific requirements. We provide tailored solutions for this cable range which include storage,
cutting to length, and 2 days collection as standard.

Steel wooden drum (fumigation)
Cable length in each drum: 1000m/2000m or as per actual cable length requirements.

Drum size
As per cable length and container size
In order to quote you accurate price, kindly tell us your needed cable length quantity. Larger quantity,
more discount benefit ready for you!

Shipping Port
Shanghai, Qingdao, Tianjin or other ports as per your requirements.

Sea freight
FOB/CFR/CIF/ quotation are all available.

Luxing Cable Factory Mainly Produce 

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