Low Smoke Lsoh Cu/PVC/Swa/XLPE 150mm2 Power Cable

1.Low Smoke Zero Halogen LSZH XLPE Insulated Power Cable
2.Low Smoke Zero Halogen Flame Retardant Cable
3.Low Smoke Zero Halogen Mica Tape XLPE Insulated Copper Cable
4.0.6/1kv Cu/XLPE/PVC/Sta/PVC Power Cables
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Standard:IEC 60754-1/BS6425-1,BS 6004

  • Application:

    Low smoke zero Halogen cable used in public and government buildings and where there is sensitive electronic equipment (i.e. Hospitals, Supermarkets, Airports, Control Rooms & Computer Suites) these cables are designed for increased safety in the case of a fire:Reduction in hazardous fumes which can cause injury when inhaled; Reduction in corrosive chemicals which can cause damage to electronics; Most cables used in installations have been insulated with PVC or similar materials.XLPE Insulated halogen-free low smoke cable may prevent human from being suffocated by toxic gas generated from accidental burning of wire and cable.Such as fire-resistant flame-retardant cable, do not catch fire easily and do not spread the fire or give off toxic gas when on fire.They are suitable for using in the circumstance with fairly strict flame retardant and environmental protection requirement,such as high-rise buildings,hospitals,subways and shopping malls.

  • Property:
    1) The temperature of laying cable is not lower than 0oC.
    2) Max. continuous normal operating Temperature: 90oC
    3) Max. permissible temperature at short circuit (5s. at longest): 250oC.
    4) Permissible bending radius:
    Single core: ≥20(d+D)±5%.
    (D is the actual overall diameter of cable, and d is the actual overall diameter of conductor).

    LSZH Cables intended to fulfil this type of function are often labelled as one of the following:
    LSZH - Low Smoke Zero Halogen
    LSOH - Low Smoke Zero Halogen
    LSF - Low Smoke and Fume
    OHLS - Zero Halogen Low Smoke
    Both LSZH and LSF are used to limit smoke, fumes and halogen given off in fire conditions.

  • Construction:

    Conductor Solid, Stranded Copper or Aluminum
    Insulation XLPE
    Amouring 1)Non-armoued
     2)Steel tape armoured (STA)
     3)Steel wire armoured(SWA)
     Aluminum wire armoured(AWA)
    Sheath LSOH material



        ISO 45001


          ISO 14001

image                 ISO 9001



                  CE Certificate



                    CE Certificate



                 ROHS Certificate

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