Low Voltage 18 AWG 7 Core Irrigation Cable

1. Conductors: Copper or aluminum.
2. Insulation:PVC XLPE.
3. Voltage rating: 0.6/1kV 3.6/6kV.
4. PVC or PE sheathed.
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Product Details

Low voltage 18 AWG 7 Core Irrigation Cable

1.Available Standards: IEC. UL, ASTM, GB, JIS

2. Brand: SHUANG XIN

3. Conductor Material: Cu

4.Application: Low voltage 18 AWG 7 Core Irrigation Cable is suitable for controlling , monitoring and protecting circuit with the rated voltage up to and including 450
The products can be produced and provided according to Chinese standard GB/T12706-2002(equivalent to IEC 60505).
The factory can also manufacture the products that are based on British Standard(BS) and other standards.
In addition,under the requirement of customers we can design and manufacture the products that have special performance.
The products are used in fixed laying on transmission and distribution electrical lines of 50 HZ AC rated voltage up to 6 kV.
Specific Property for Using
1.The long-time permissible working temperature of cable conductive core is not more than 70ºC., lower -40ºC
2.During short circuit(max permanent time is not more than 5 seconds),the max temperature of cable conductor is not more than 165ºC.
3.The difference level of laying cable is not restricted.When laying the cable,ambient temperature is not lower than 0ºC.
4.They have good chemical stability,and properties of acid resistance,alkali resistance,salt resistance,oil resistance,solvent resistance and flame resistance.
5.Light weight,good bending property and easy installation and maintenance
Sample free! XLPE Insulated PVC Sheathed Power Cable YJV,YJLV 

VV  VLVCopper(aluminum)Conductor,PVC insulated and Sheathed Power Cable
VV22  VLV22Copper(aluminum)Conductor,PVC insulated,Steel-tape Armoured,PVC Sheathed Power Cable
VV23 VLV23Copper(aluminum)Conductor,PVC insulated,Steel-tape Armoured,PVC Sheathed Power Cable
VV32 VLV32Copper(aluminum)Conductor,PVC insulated,Fine Steel-wire Armoured,PVC Sheathed Power Cable
VV33  VLV33Copper(aluminum)Conductor,PVC insulated,PE Sheathed Power Cable
VV42  VLV42Copper(aluminum)Conductor,PVC insulated,Thick Steel-wire Armoured, PVC Sheathed Power Cable
VV43   VLV43Copper(aluminum)Conductor,PVC insulated,Thick Steel-wire Armoured, PE Sheathed Power Cable

1.2  Specification 


Conductor cross-section(mm²)

Core NumberNominal Insulation Thickness(mm)Average OD Upper Limit(mm)
Cu or Al0.5~10Max 610.6~1.0Max 60

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Low Voltage 18 AWG 7 Core Irrigation Cable

Products Show

Copper Conductor Low Voltage Marine Power Electrical Cable


PVC Insulated Function 50mm2 25mm Low Voltage 3 Core Electric CablePVC Insulated Function 50mm2 25mm Low Voltage 3 Core Electric Cable


PVC Insulated Function 50mm2 25mm Low Voltage 3 Core Electric Cable
Packaging & Shipping

All cable For exporting are well packed and protected by wooden drum or Wood and Steel Drum.The packing material is depended on the weight and size of cable.The good information, manufacture information, and the client's information is firmly printed on each size of drum.

After the well packed cable drums sent to Sea Port, they are loaded into 20 FT container or 40 FT container. All cable drum are firmly fixed by safety belt to make sure, no movement during the sea freight.

The size of the container is chosed according to weight of total loaded goods or as per the client's requirement.

PVC Insulated Function 50mm2 25mm Low Voltage 3 Core Electric Cable

Shipping Terms

DHL, UPS,FEDEX, TNT, or designated forwarder.

Payment Terms

T/T, Western Union, or PayPal

Freight cost

Prepay with goods payment or pay by collected.


Packed in bulk or as request

Carton Measure

49*33*23.5cm, 33*30*15cm, 30*30*18cm

PVC Insulated Function 50mm2 25mm Low Voltage 3 Core Electric Cable

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