Low Voltage Armoured Cable

Low Voltage Armoured Cable
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Product Details

1.Product name

Rated voltage 0.6/1KV(Um=1.2KV) armoured cable.


IEC60502-1  BS5467 BS6346 VDE 0276-603 IEC60502-2 BS 6622


 High dielectric strength
 Excellent resistance to deformations  under high temperature and pressure
 High resistance to ageing, abrasion,  moisture, chemicals, acids and oils
 Standard: IEC60502-1, BS5467, BS6346  ,VDE 0276-603, IEC60502-2 ,BS 6622 


4.Fire  resistance
 Continuously  energized for 180 minutes under 950℃ flame without breakdown (C).

At 650℃, after 15 min, withstand 15 min of water spray without breakdown  (W).

Under  the flame of 950℃, withstand 15min of  percussion vibration without breakdown (Z).

5.Applicable  place
 Armoured  power cables are widely used in China as well as international projects using  British standards. Theses hard wearing power cables are suitable for outdoor  use without additional protection due to the mechanical protection provided by  their water resistant, UV stable and armoured sheathing.

Designed for installation in duct, clipped directly to  a surface, on tray, in basket or in free air BS5467 armoured cable may also be  laid direct in ground in free draining soil or embedded in concrete. The design  of Draka BS5467 is particularly robust mechanical damage. 

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