N2XY, CU/XLPE/PVC.600/1000V

1) Type of cable: N2XY cable; VV cable.
2) Conductor: Annealed copper conductor
3) Insulation: PVC insulation
4) Number of cores: Single core; 2 cores, 3 cores...
5)special characteristics: according to the customers' requirements
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Conductor: Cu/Al (Solid/Stranded)

Insulation: XLPE/PVC/PE/LSHF

Inner sheath (applicable if there is armor layer): PVC/PE

Armor layer (if required) :Al tape/Al wire/ Steel wire / Steel Tape

Outer sheath :  PVC/PE/LSHF

Electric cable (556)Electric cable (13)
Electric cable (490)Electric cable (249)


2. Parameter

TypeSpecificationOuter diameterNominal thickness of insulationDiameter of
steel wire
Nominal sheath thicknessApprox. Outer diameter of cableApprox. Weight of cableAmpacity of   cable
4×4   RE2.
4×6   RE2.760.71.251.820.391677247375646
4×10   CC3.
4×16   CC4.
4×25   CC60.91.61.827.5194213171158412698
4×35   CC70.91.61.829.523861521141115152126
4×50   SM8121.932.932092036172141181152
4×70   SM9.
4×95   SM111.122.340.553623016269218267222
4×120   SM12.
4×150   SM13.
4×185   SM15.
4×240   SM17.
4×300   SM19.


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