N2xy/Yky/Nycy/Nyy Power Cable

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5.AN2XY and NA2XY cable
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Product Details

ITEM NAME : n2xy/yky/nycy/nyy power cable


Applications Overview

N2XY and NA2XY are unarmoured power and control cables used for electricity supply in Low Voltage (LV) installation systems with a voltage rating of 600/1000V. These cables can be used for fixed installation in buildings - fixed on cable trays, in free air, within conduits, or in walls - or for underground use in direct burial and in damp environments where there is no risk of mechanical damage.

N2XY / NA2XY cable construction

ConductorN2XY-RE: Solid copper (Class 1)
N2XY-RM: Stranded circular or circular compacted copper (Class 2)
Solid aluminium (Class 1) or stranded or sectoral aluminium (Class 2)
InsulationCross-linked Polyethylene (XLPE)XLPE
OutersheathPolyvinyl Chloride (PVC)PVC

The NA2XY is available as NA2XY-J with an earthing conductor or as NA2XY-O without an earthing conductor. Cables are available in variations including single core, 2-cores, 3-cores and 4-cores, and in cross-sectional area sizes up to 630mm2 - please refer to the technical datasheets or speak to our technical team for more information.

N2XY / NA2XY cable selection

These cables form part of our wider fixed power supply cables, including British Standard Low Voltage Armoured cable and the NYCY and NYCWY cable. Please contact our technical team for support with the selection of the optimal cable and cable accessories for your specific application.

Luxing Factory : our production base 
N2xy/Yky/Nycy/Nyy Power Cable

Luxing Cable Mainly Produce 

300/500V 450/750V electrical wire AAC conductor 
600/1000V PVC insulated cableAAAC conductor 
600/1000V XLPE insulated cableACSR conductor 
1.8/3KV to 26/35KV power cable OPGW 
Armored underground cableABC cable 
Control cable and instrumentation cables Rubber cable

N2xy/Yky/Nycy/Nyy Power Cable

N2xy/Yky/Nycy/Nyy Power Cable

Strict Quality Test 
N2xy/Yky/Nycy/Nyy Power Cable

Packaging & Shipping

N2xy/Yky/Nycy/Nyy Power Cable

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1.21 years manufacturing experience

2.Professional international trade team

3.Delivery on time

4.Factory low price and high quality based on advanced technology and high work efficiency

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