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Application of XLPE Insulated copper cable
IEC 60502-1 XLPE Insulated copper cable are used for electricity supply in low voltage installation system, IEC 60502-1 XLPE Insulated copper cable are suitable for installation in indoors and outdoors, in cable ducts, under ground, in power and switching stations, local energy distributions, industrial plants, where there is no risk of mechanical damage.


Applicable Standards of XLPE Insulated copper cable

– IEC 60502-1 Design and Test Guidelines
– IEC 60228 Conductor
– IEC 60332-1 Flame Retardant
– IEC 60332-3-24 Flame Retardant 

Electrical Characteristics 

Rated Voltage Uo/U0.6/1 kV
Maximum operating voltage1.2 kV
Frequence50 Hz
Test voltage :3500 V

Usage Characteristics 

Permissible operating temperature at conductor+90°C
short circuit temperature ( duration max. 5 s)250 °C
Minimum installation temperatureshould not be lower than 0°C
Max. conductor permissible tensile stress50 N/mm²
Minimum bending radius15 x cable Ø



Application and descriptions 
NYY Power Cables are dedicated to the supply of energy to cable ducts, power stations, industrial and distribution boards, and customer networks. It can also be used in brick walls, concrete (non-compact concrete), except for the current situation where vibration and swaying are required. NYY cables can be installed in the open air, laid in underground, water and indoor areas to prevent mechanical damage. This cable is UV resistant and can be used outdoors.
Standards and Certificates 
VDE-0276 Part-603 & Part-627, HD 603.1 & 627 S1, IEC 60502, VDE 0482-332-1-2, DIN EN60332-1-2 / IEC 60332-1, CE low voltage 73/23 / EEC and 93 /68/EEC Directive, ROHS Certification
Cable structure 
- Solid or stranded bare copper conductor
- follow DIN VDE 0295 cl.1 / cl.2, BS 6360 cl.1 / cl.2, IEC 60228 cl.1 / cl.2
- PVC insulated DIV4 class, following HD 603.1
- Color coding according to DIN VDE 0293-308, 0276- 603/HD 186
- Core color of 3+1/2 conductor
Class J: yellow-green (1/2), brown, black, gray
Class O: blue (1/2), brown, black, gray
- PVC outer sheath DMV5, following HD 603.1
Technical characteristics
- Operating voltage: 600/1000 V
- Test voltage: 4000 V
- Dynamic bending radius: 15 x Ø
- Static bending radius: 12 x Ø
- Operating temperature during application: -5o C ~ +50o C
- Fixed installation temperature: - 40o C ~ +70o C
- Flame retardant: IEC 60332.1
- Insulation resistance: >100 MΩ x km

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