XLPE Power Cable

0.6/1kV Cable, CU/XLPE/PVC Xlpe Power Cable

-Conductor: Solid or stranded copper/Aluminum

-Insulation: XLPE

-Jacket: PVC,PE,LSZH (Black)

-Standards: IEC 60502-1.
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Product Details

1.Product name

XLPE power cable-0.6/1(1.2) KV

electric cable (19)


0.6/1kV Cable, Copper Conductor XLPE Insulated PVC Jacketed Power Cable CU/XLPE/PVC 


Solid or stranded copper/Aluminum
Cross-linked polyethylene
Polyvinyl chloride (Black)

-Standards / Testing Specications
IEC 60502-1.
0.6/1 KV XLPE/PVC 1 x (SIZE) SQ.MM

This cable can be installed in air, duct, conduit or direct burial. It is recommended that the installation instructions indicated by the Local Electric Code, or any equivalent, be followed,so that the safeguarding of persons and the integrity of the product will not be affected by deciencies in the installation.

3.The drawing of XLPE power cable


It is used to transmit and distribute power in power transmission and distribution system of 35kV or lower. It is generally applied to the fields including power, construction, mines, metallurgy, petrochemical industry and communication in complete replace of oil immersed paper insulated power cable and in partial replace of PVC insulated power cable.

Power cable 0


The products are mainly complying with IEC 60502 standard, also can be produced according to OEM requirements and other standards, such as BS standard, DIN standard, ASTM standard, etc.

Voltage grade is up to 35kv, cross-section area can be up to 400 sqmm (copper or alumimum conductor). Conductor long-time operating temperature is 90° C. In short circuit, conductor highest temperature should be not more than 250° C


6.Main products:

Low voltage  Underground cable, Electrical wire cable, Below 35kV voltages of XLPE insulated cables, Armored cables, Control cables, Rubber cables, PVC insulated wires and cables, BV wire,House wire; Bare stranded conductors(AAC,ACSR,AAAC,ACAR); etc.



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