Yjv 1kv 1*35 Low Voltage XLPE/PVC Insulated Power Cable

1. Conductors: Copper or aluminum.
2. Both armored and non-armored type power cables are available.
3. Voltage rating: 0.6/1kV 3.6/6kV.
4. PVC or PE sheathed.
5. Number of cable cores: One core (Single core), two cores(Double cores), three cores,Four cores (Four Equal-section-area cores or three equal-section-area cores and one smaller section area neutral core),Five cores (Five equal-area cores or three equal-section-area cores and two smaller section area neutral cores).
6. Standards: Chinese national standard GB 12706 and GB 12666.6(equivalent to IEC 60502 and IEC 60331) IEC, BS, DIN, ASTM, CSA, NFC, AS, GOST etc. Or other special characteristics as customers request.
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Product Details

YJV 1kV 1*35 Low voltage XLPE/PVC insulated powercable

Product Description

The cable is used in electric transmission and distribution system operation at rated voltage of 0.6/1,1.8/3,3.6/6,6/6,6/10,8.7/10,8.7/15,12/20,21/35,26/35kV. 

Low and medium voltage under 10kV,high voltage between 10 to 35kV.

Use characteristics:

(1) The long-time working temperature of cable should not be higher than 90ºC.

(2)When core is in short-circrit (max 5s) the temperature should not exceed 160ºC.

(3)While installation the ambient temperaure should not be lower than 0ºC,and the bending radius should not be less than 10 tines of outer diameter of cable.

(4)Bending radius:

Bending radius of single-core cable is 20(d+D)±5%

Bending radius of multi-core cableis 15(d+D)±5%

D=Actual outer diameter of cable sample(mm)

d=Actual diameter of the conductor(mm)

(5)Not restricted by the difference of level along the rout

TypeDesciption Rated          VoltageNO. of CoresSectional area of conductor (mm2)Applications
YJV   YJLV Cu or Al conductor,  XLPE insulated.  PVC sheathed  electric cable0.6/1KV1,2,3,41.5 to 400For laying indoors and outdoors.           The LV XLPE insulated power cable is used in transmission and distribution system at rated voltagae U(Um) ≤10KV.  The HV XLPE insulated power cable refers to the power cable transmission between 10KV-35KV, it is often applied to the main road of power transmission.                                     Able to bear certain traction during installation, but not external mechanical forces.
3+13 × 4+1 × 2.5  to           3 × 400+1 × 185
6/6kV1,325 to 500
8.7/10kV     8.7/15kV    12/20kV125 to 500
325 to 300
21/35kv150 to 500
YJV22 YJLV22Cu or Al conductor,XLPE insulated steel tape armoured    PVC sheathed electric cable0.6/1KV31.5 to 400Suitable for burying in ground, Able to bear external mechanical forces but large pulling forces.
44 to 240
     6/6kV         8.7/10kV    8.7/15kV     12/20kV325 to 300
21/35kv350 to 240
YJV,YJLV   0.6/1kV   Cu or Al conductor,XLPE insulated.PVC sheathed electric cable

Nominal-Cross sectional area of conductor(mm2)Insulation thickness (mm)Sheath thickness (mm)Approx overroll diameter of cable  (mm)Approx weight of cable(mm)D.C resistence of conductor(Ω/km)Testing voltage A.C (kv/5min)Insulation reistence 90ºCCurrent rating
CuAlCuAlIn the airDirect in soil
3 × 4+1 ×≤4.61≤7.413.5≥0.75727305040
3 × 6+1 × 40.71.814316187≤3.08≤4.613.5≥0.64535406045
3 × 10+1 × 60.71.816461234≤1.83≤3.083.5≥0.52349508060
3 × 16+1 × 100.71.818679322≤1.15≤1.913.5≥0.431676510080
3 × 25+1 × 160.91.8221065505≤0.727≤1.203.5≥0.4448990130100
3 × 35+1 × 160.91.8241360615≤0.524≤0.8683.5≥0.379106110155120
3 × 50+1 × 2511.8281901816≤0.387≤0.6413.5≥0.355135130185140
3 × 70+1 × 351.11.93125851085≤0.268≤0.4433.5≥0.335167170225175
3 × 95+1 × 501.12.13635181440≤0.193≤0.3203.5≥0.290200205270210
3 × 120+1 × 701.22.24044431766≤0.153≤0.2533.5≥0.282234240305235
3 × 150+1 × 701.42.34453262100≤0.124≤0.2063.5≥0.294273275345265
3 × 185+1 × 951.62.54866822650≤0.0991≤0.1643.5≥0.303318320390301

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Yjv 1kv 1*35 Low Voltage XLPE/PVC Insulated Power Cable


PVC Insulated Function 50mm2 25mm Low Voltage 3 Core Electric CablePVC Insulated Function 50mm2 25mm Low Voltage 3 Core Electric Cable


PVC Insulated Function 50mm2 25mm Low Voltage 3 Core Electric Cable
Packaging & Shipping

All cable For exporting are well packed and protected by wooden drum or Wood and Steel Drum.The packing material is depended on the weight and size of cable.The good information, manufacture information, and the client's information is firmly printed on each size of drum.

After the well packed cable drums sent to Sea Port, they are loaded into 20 FT container or 40 FT container. All cable drum are firmly fixed by safety belt to make sure, no movement during the sea freight.

The size of the container is chosed according to weight of total loaded goods or as per the client's requirement.

PVC Insulated Function 50mm2 25mm Low Voltage 3 Core Electric Cable

Shipping Terms

DHL, UPS,FEDEX, TNT, or designated forwarder.

Payment Terms

T/T, Western Union, or PayPal

Freight cost

Prepay with goods payment or pay by collected.


Packed in bulk or as request

Carton Measure

49*33*23.5cm, 33*30*15cm, 30*30*18cm

PVC Insulated Function 50mm2 25mm Low Voltage 3 Core Electric Cable

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