IEC 60502-2 Power Cable

1.The basic structure of a power cable consists of a core (conductor), an insulation layer, a shield layer, and a protective layer.
2.The core is the conductive part of the power cable and is used to transport electrical energy. It is the main part of the power cable.
3.Insulation:Insulation layer is to electrically isolate the core from the ground and cores of different phases from each other to ensure the transmission of electrical energy. It is an indispensable part of the power cable structure.
4.Shield:15KV and above power cables generally have conductor shields and insulation shields.
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IEC 60502-2 Power Cable


International :  IEC 60228; IEC 60332-3-22 Cat.A; IEC 60502-2

IEC 60502 specifies the construction, dimensions and test requirements of power cables with extruded solid insulation from 6 kV up to 30 kV for fixed installations such as distribution networks or industrial installations. When determining applications, it is recommended that the possible risk of radial water ingress is considered. Cable designs with barriers claimed to prevent longitudinal water penetration and an associated test are included in this part of IEC 60502. Cables for special installation and service conditions are not included, for example cables for overhead networks, the mining industry, nuclear power plants (in and around the containment area)


hese power cables are used for electricity supply in medium voltage installation system. They are well adapted to underground use in industrial applications, in moist areas, where hydrocarbon and mechanical protections are needed. The lead cover brings an enhanced resistance to aromatic hydrocarbons.



3.60502-2 CABLE Specification

It should be noted that IEC 60502-2 excludes cables for special conditions such as those manufactured for use in overhead linesmining, nuclear power plants, marine and submarine applications. Where this is the case, technical specifications refer to cables being manufactured ‘Generally to IEC 60502-2’.

This Standard is divided into the following  parts:


Voltage Rating


1kV to 3kV


6kV to 30kV


Reserved for future development


Test requirements on accessories for cables with a voltage rating from 6kV to 30kV

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