Fireproof Cables

According to national standards, fireresistant wire and cable fire test method characteristic test, according to GB12666.6Class A, burn in fire with flame temperature 950°C
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Product Details

1.Product name

Rated voltage 0.6/1KV(Um=1.2KV) flexible fireproof mineral insulated cable.


2.Operation character


Fire-resistant property

(1) According to national standards, fireresistant wire and cable fire test method characteristic test, according to GB12666.6Class A, burn in fire with flame temperature 950°C, apply voltage of 750V between phase and phase and between phase and outer sheath,it should be able to withstand for 90min without breakdown.

Class B, bun in fire with flame temperature 750800°C, apply voltage of 750V between phase and phase and between phase and outer sheath,it should be able to withstand for 90min without breakdown.

(2) According to the BS6378,flexible fireproof cable satisfies the following requirements:

Class A 650°C 3h

Class B 750°C 3h

Class C 950°C 3h

Class S 950°C 20min


3.Electrical characteristics

(1) Rated voltage: 0.6/1kV

(2) Rated working voltage: light load 500V, heavy load 750V;

(3) Rated current: single-core 25A-1,800A: multi-core 16A-500A;

(4) Insulation resistance: insulation resistance≥ 1000MΩkm. Cable length less than 100m, then the insulation resistance≥ 10000MΩ;

(5) Power frequency withstand voltage: apply voltage of 2,000V and 2,500V between phase and phase as well as phase and copper sheath of cables of 500V and 750V respectively, they should be able to withstand for 15min without being broken down.





Public service
Railway stations, road & rail tunnels, public lighting, car parks, public service buildings.

Property & personal safety
Shopping malls, airports, underground rail systems, schools, hospitals, hotels, theatres, churches.

High temperature situation 

Foundries, power stations, boiler houses, iron & steel industries, marine & ship buildings.

Potentially explosive area
Refineries, chemical plants, oil & gas production, filling stations, processing plants, garages.

Hygiene situation
Food & drink processing, pharmaceutical works, hospitals, kitchens, refrigeration plants.

General installation
Power distribution & sub circuits, fire alarms & emergency, lifts & escalators lighting, lighting & power.

6.Company Information:
Shandong New Luxing Cable Co.,Ltd established in the year of 1999, is located in Jinan City, the capital of Shandong province, Registered capital of USD16.5 million. Our factory is located in Linyi Economic Development ZoneCovering an area of more than 60 acres. Now our factory has more than 150 employees.


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