Nuclear Grade Cable

- May 20, 2019-

This product is applicable to nuclear power plant rated voltage UO of 0. Cable for control and signal connections used in the Z. 1kv control system network. • Cable conductor allows long-term operating temperature of 90 Shan, short circuit when the maximum temperature of the cable conductor does not exceed 250 Shan, duration of not more than 5 seconds. • The ambient temperature shall not be less than 0 Shan when laying the cable. • Allow bending radius for cable laying:-no armored cable, not less than 6 times times the diameter of the cable;-cable with armoured or copper tape shielding results, Should not be less than 12 times times the diameter of the cable;-a flexible cable with shielded structure should be no less than 6 times times the diameter of the cable. • In the long term permissible working temperature of conductor is not greater than 90 Shan, the identification life of the cable is not less than 40. • The finished cable shall conform to the requirements of the Class A bundle combustion test as specified in the Gb 18380.3 Cable Smoke density: light transmittance is not less than 70%. • Radiation Resistance: 25 X 104g Halogen-Free: non-metallic materials in the combustion, the acidity of the escaping gas ( ph value indicated) should be greater than 4.3, and the conductivity is not greater than 10.