What's A Cold Cable Attachment?

- May 07, 2019-

The cold cable attachment eliminates the trouble and unsafe factors of flame heating used in hot shrink products. For thermal shrinkage products, the cable attachment terminal head 1 * 150, the cold cable attachment uses the expansion support principle, and the support can be automatically retracted by removing the support, and the low-voltage cable attachment terminal head 1 * 300, which does not need to be heated, is called cold. shrink, High voltage cable middle head, very convenient to use. There are two types of products:
All use expansion support components of the full cooling type;
Terminal end pipe and connector pipe of intermediate connector are made according to the predetermined size, over-surplus cooperation, Anyang cable attachment terminal head, non-expanding pre-cooling condensation type
Attention to the installation and use of cable attachments:
One: according to the type of cable accessories required to buy suitable connector materials to ensure the quality of cable connectors, it is recommended to select quality-cable accessories manufacturers!
Two: Avoid choosing rainy days to install cable accessories, because cable accessories will seriously affect the service life of the cable, and even short-circuit accidents!
Three: install cable accessories must carefully read the manufacturer's product installation instructions!
Four: 10 KV or more single core armored cable terminal connector, only one end of the steel belt ground!
Five: cold cable joint installation should be strictly in accordance with the drawing instructions to implement, especially when pulling out the reserved tube support, be careful to operate!