NYA 450/750 V

NYA 450/750 V

1. NYA cable
2. 450/750V cable
4. H07v-U
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Product Details

1. Specification

N- copper core cable 

Y- PVC insulation 

A- Single cable

NYA cable is a cable with single copper core, one layer PVC insulation(450/750 V)

Electric cable (87)Electric cable (91)Electric cable (100)
Electric cable (97)Electric cable- H07V-UElectric cable (393)

2. Application

NYA cables are low voltage cables with 450/750 V. They are normally used as permanent installation for building in conduit or exposed wiring in dry locations, also as building wires and distribution panel connectors. When used as building wires, NYA cables are installed inside PVC pipes, protecting them rough surface.

The conductors are either solid or stranded and annealed soft copper wires with cross-sectional areas of 1.5 mm2 to 400 mm2. Its sheath is made of colored flame retardant PVC(blue, black,red and yellow-green)

3. Packing

  • 100 or 200 meters for one coil

  • Fumigated wooden drum

  • The length for one roll as you required

    1Electric cable (290)
    Electric cable (411)
    包装 (4)


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